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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Credit by: Cai Wenjun

The driverless Q-truck developed and manufactured by Westwell

Two cutting-edge technological applications used in the driverless automobile industry will debut on Friday during the Automatic Drive Forum 2019, one of the 10 main theme forums of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai.

One is the Q-truck developed and manufactured by local startup Westwell, a company focusing at intelligent ports and minefields. The driverless truck’s prototype was released last year. This year, the company finished volume production and has already received orders from all over the world.

The trucks are designed for transport in closed areas, such as ports, logistics parks and minefields. Without a driver’s seat, the truck was designed with extra batteries to increase its endurance.

The other one is a photovoltaic electric-powered truck designed by Breton Technology. It is the first time for a driverless car to be powered by solar energy.

This year, the conference has opened up part of the exhibition area covering 36,000 square meters to showcase driverless automobile technology.

With the theme of “cellular connect traffic, data awake vehicle,” insiders and practitioners from the AI, Internet and automobile industries will brainstorm the future of driverless automobiles driven by the rapid development of AI technology.

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