Credit By: Jack Stratten

The concept store has changed. Once it was about selling a certain lifestyle. The new retail concept store is a space where a brand is exploring a new direction, idea, initiative or concept – if you will.

These concept stores are a departure from the norm for the brands. They stand apart from the rest of the store portfolio. Or they’re an ecommerce brand’s wave-making new approach. They may be testbeds, they may be wildly different to the other spaces, they may be storytelling and engagement spaces. They may be permanent spaces or pop-ups or something in between. Some approaches have even been so well received they’ve been rolled out elsewhere.

We’ve scoured the world to bring together 47 of the very best new retail concept stores out there. These are the new, inspirational approaches to retailing that we think are redefining what the concept store can be.

1. AT&T (Seattle)

Tapping into Seattle’s coffee culture and booming tech scene, this space is a bold step for the global telecoms company. The concept is a space described as a ‘second living room’, where customers or non-customers can hang out, work, host events, browse various technology or enjoy coffee and food.

It also features a custom app that links to space, where users can order and pay for food and link to the in-store screens and tech. Customers can even shop and collect purchases in the space by receiving a custom QR code that links to a bank of lockers built into the wall. It’s an innovative space in an industry badly in need of new ideas for physical spaces.

2. Audi (Hong Kong)

Luxury automotive retailer Audi has opened an ‘innovation space’ in the Festival Walk shopping mall. Following the success of its pop-up store last year, this ‘experience store’ takes customers on a journey through the use of VR, allowing them to explore the full range of models.

Customers can also preview future car concepts which only helps to build brand loyalty. Over 40 models are available for customization here and customers can view every detail through a VR device and even take their newly designed car for a virtual spin.

3. Alexander McQueen (London)

Alexander McQueen’s store on Bond Street is a flagship with a difference. As well as displaying the latest collections from the retailer it also features archive designs as another way to drive footfall.

Photographs and artworks are displayed throughout the store and the space hosts talks and exhibitions to inspire students and hopefully foster new fashion talent. There are plans to refresh the interiors each season with fabrics from the Alexander McQueen studio. The focus on storytelling is apparent here, with the top floor entirely dedicated to showing the history of the brand, and the stories behind specific designs.

4. Balenciaga (New York)

Luxury fashion retailer Balenciaga has recently opened a flagship on Madison Avenue. The store focuses on the concept of space as a public domain. The theme here is Urbanism – where the environment is inspired by the city of New York. The benches and seats mimic the ones found in NYC parks and subway stations.

There is some good tech here too – with wraparound screens playing atmospheric videos. The space also features hyper-real mannequins based on 3D scans of real Balenciaga models.

The popular trend of displaying unique artworks in store is present here too. The silver sculpture by artist Tobias Spichtig takes center stage. For a limited time, there will be an on-site graffiti artist customizing customers’ Balenciaga bags – both new and old. There will also be a limited edition NYC shopping tote available here so there are plenty of reasons for Balenciaga fans to pop by.