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Smart Strategy Forces Choices

Credit from Beloved Brands

If you are too busy, you aren't making the difficult decisions in your brand plan.

I believe in “the power of threes.” Your brand plan should help you make decisions on where to focus and allocate your limited resources.

For an annual plan, focus on the top 3 strategies, then focus on the top 3 tactics for each strategy. That means nine major projects for your brand to focus your limited resources on during the year.

Compare the subtle difference with what happens when you try to do 7 strategies with 7 tactics: the plan quickly explodes into 49 projects. That would cripple your brand’s limited resources.

What if in your busy state, that you never get to the 40th project but it was the most important project? With fewer projects, you will be able to execute everything with full passion and brilliance.

I see too many marketers with a long list of things they need to do. They are so busy; they have no time to think about what matters to their brand. They have little passion for any one particular project; just trying to get everything done. This is not the ideal behavior a brand needs to become a beloved brand.

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