Credit by Vijay Mandeep

1. What exactly is Predictive App Marketing?

Predictive app marketing is the modern practice of using all of the app user data you have, and all possible ways they engage with your app, to predict user behavior. This enables you to proactively engage them with personalised, relevant, and timely communication through targeted channels.

Think of predictive app marketing as existing at the intersection of user action/non-actions, captured data, advanced analytics, and effective engagement.

Predictive app marketing makes your push notifications and in-app messages more meaningful and deepens the relationship with your users. The data that you collect plays an important role in helping you unearth previously hidden user behavioural patterns and eventually predicting the user action based on your multi-channel campaign objectives.

2. Why do Mobile Marketers Need Predictive App Marketing?

As a marketing professional, you may have had a taste of leveraging predictive analytics to analyse which prospect is most likely to become a customer. Predictive analytics lets you take huge sets of data and analyse them for actionable insights using specific types of machine learning algorithms.

As your mobile app users become more tech-savvy and brand-aware, they become more difficult to retain given the competition in the app market. As a mobile marketer, you need to ensure your mobile app doesn’t get lost in the swarm of other apps on your user’s smart device.

The challenges that mobile marketers - like you - face today are consistent across the industry. You might find yourself asking the following questions:

  • Which channel should I spend my next dollar to drive higher user acquisition?

  • How can I draw insights from the way users are engaging with my app?

  • How can I use all the data at my disposal to create a unified view of my users?

  • How can I leverage this data to deliver personalised messages to the right user at the right time?

  • How do I know which users are at the risk of churning?

3. How Can Predictive App Marketing Help your App?

Let’s assume that you’re a growth marketer with an e-commerce app and it has over 50 million downloads and having sold products worth $100 million, till date, across geographies. How does predictive app marketing fit into the scheme of your overall marketing strategy?

Case #1: Acquire

Let’s say you want to understand who your most valuable users are, i.e. the power users of your app, making frequent purchases of significant order sizes. Predictive app marketing gives you insights into specific user behaviour and characteristics.

This helps you understand where your users are coming from and which channel is effectively giving you these paying customers. Use these insights to double down on your paid

acquisition efforts.

Case #2: Timing

You’ve figured out which channel works for user acquisition, but what about engaging these users?

Predictive app marketing helps you with insights like the most active time of users on any given day, the kind of messages users are receptive to, when is he likely to open a message. Use these insights to send a push notification or a reminder email after the cart abandonment at the right time, based on their past behaviour.

Optimising your campaigns based on send times can exponentially increase your CTRs and conversions.

Case #3: Channel

As a marketer you’ve predicted which users will be receptive to your marketing campaign and are likely to open your me