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Media Brief For Agency

Credit by Graham Robertson

Attached is my recommended format for a Media Brief to give to your agency.

Half of the brief is about the consumer, which is the left side, and half about the brand which is the right hand side of the brief.

The brief is for a fictional brand, in a fictional Neverland market. Don't get too fussed about the answers but focus more on the format and strategy.

In my book, Beloved Brands, I have a chapter for how to make media decisions to break through the cluttered media world. I use six questions to structure the thinking and build the media strategy:

1️. What is the size of your brand’s media budget?

2️. What is your brand’s core strength?

3. How tightly connected is your brand with your consumer?

4️. Where can you best impact the consumer journey?

5️. Where will your consumers be most open to engage, listen, think, feel, and act?

6️. What media choices will best deliver your brand’s creative execution?

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