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10 Steps Of The Creative Advertising Process

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

credit from the book Beloved Brands

Managing your way through the 10 steps of the creative advertising process.

The best brand leader plays the most crucial role in the creative advertising process. While we are not designed to be experts, we need to know enough to make advertising decisions, but never enough to do the work.

There is a leadership advantage in being the least knowledgeable person in the room. While it may sound strange at first, when you are a layer removed from the specialist who does the work, it allows you to think, question, challenge and make decisions on choosing the right advertising.

Focus on the strategy, but stay clear-minded enough to judge if the advertising is good enough or reject if it is not. It takes a unique leadership skill to be able to inspire, challenge, question, direct and decide, without any expertise at all. As we engage experts, the respect we show can either inspire greatness or crush their creative spirit.

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