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How To Write An Analytical Slide For Your Brand Review

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Credit from book Beloved Brands

Here's a best-in-class example of how to write an analytical slide to help convey your brand review.

  • Look for a compelling visual that showcases the data break to isolate the variables and tell your story.

  • 2-3 story points. Yes, the slide is crowded, but this is not a usual "presentation." Focus more on substance over theatre. The points tell the story during the presentation as a read-along, and as a leave-behind to tell the story for a second review, when you are not even there. Or, a year later. Don't read the points, lead a discussion around the points. If you want even more substance over style, deliver sitting down, without a projector. The conversation increases.

  • Once you have your story, write a headline that summarizes the story. No more than 2 lines.

  • Finally,put a recommendation. If you want to own the story, tell management what you think they should do. This shifts you from an analyst to a leader.

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