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How To Utilize Guerrilla Marketing To Promote Your Brand?While New Methods Of Marketing Getting Int

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What is Guerilla Marketing?

The term “guerrilla marketing” was minted by Jay Conrad Levinson, an American advertising executive, and writer, in the year 1984.

Precisely an effective advertising strategy that has been in use for almost three decades, guerrilla marketing is just an extension of promoting products and services using innovative methods and virtually no money.

The purpose is to create a lot of buzz about the brand and the related product/service. By creating unforgettable memories for the consumers, the likelihood of selling the product/service increases substantially.

Why should you have it? Focusing on the Advantages

1. Enhances Customer Engagement

Guerrilla marketing aims to engage customers- both new and old and influence them to purchase the product/service. Moreover, all this is done using the element of surprise.

For instance, if you are selling coffee beans to customers, you can offer free packets of cookies for anyone who shares the reference code with two friends. Not only will you earn two more customers, but the old customer will likely stick around. Also, make sure that this surprise is maintained. Make such offers even when it is not the festive season. This will make the customers feel connected and cared for.

2. You Can Become Viral

Social media primarily rules the world we live in. Catching the attention of the dynamic customers is easy. However, to make sure that you are reaching out to them right, you need to create content that allows you to go viral.

It is easy to go viral- all you need to do is incorporate the latest trends in your guerrilla marketing campaign, make an appealing content and put it on the various social media channels.

3. It Involves Limited Budget

When you opt for traditional marketing methods, you always end up spending sufficient money. On the contrary, social media marketing and guerrilla marketing costs explicitly absolutely nothing. This means that you can use all the extra budget for other developments of the brand.

For instance, you can conduct a flash mob in a busy place and promote your product/service. Further, uploading a video of the same on your Facebook or Instagram accounts can help you get more engagements from the customers.

How to Make Guerrilla Marketing Work for Your Brand?

1. Use Creative Product Placement

Getting gifts from production houses and channels is pretty standard in the media industry. So, one fine day, people started receiving free cakes. When they started slicing it, they hit something hard in the middle. As they cut open the cake, they found a note stating that the popular series “Prison Break” was returning on a particular date on a favorite channel.

The fans also shared the pictures on their social media accounts, thus creating the right buzz.

This is genius product placement. Not only did people become alert to the show’s starting date, but also become aware of the show.

You can apply similar techniques to impress your customers. Product placement is one of the oldest marketing methods and has been adopted into guerrilla marketing with a lot of creativity.

2. Involve in Give Away

Give away is the surefire way of getting your product/service to your customers. Just ask people to use the same for a few days and provide their honest opinion in return.

Now people love receiving free stuff. So, when you give them something for no cost at all, they will use it and will be obligated to give something back to you. Maybe a reaction video or a comment on the social media channels, and this is the exact buzz you should be looking for!

3. Partner with another Brand

This is an ingenious idea that most guerrilla marketers swear by. Form strategic partnerships.

Colgate, the toothpaste company, wanted to promote their new product. So they approached a local pizza company, who designed the delivery boxes to look like the inside of the mouth. The message was clear. Brush your teeth with Colgate after every meal. It prompted people to buy the toothpaste, which resulted in massive growth in their sales.

Forming partnerships with another brand can help you both come under the spotlight. Your brand gets noticed by people when they were expecting it the least. Guerrilla marketing is all about using the element of surprise to catch your customer’s off-guard. Moreover, it prompts a positive response.

4. Capture the Real Reactions Using Your Product/Services

Making impromptu videos is a part of the guerrilla marketing strategy. However, when you capture unscripted, real reactions of users, you indirectly influence others to try out your products at least as well.

Coca-Cola had installed cameras (strategically placed) in a mall, focusing its vending machine. When using it, people were getting more than just Coca-Cola cans. Their reactions on receiving gifts are just too pure. The video was uploaded on YouTube, and it got 4.5 million views in only a few weeks. The video also won several awards.

This is what guerrilla marketing is all about. Capturing the surprised faces and using social media to reach out to other people!

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