How To Create Your Own Brand Idea

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Credit from book Beloved Brands

The best brands spend equal efforts in marketing to consumers as they do in marketing to themselves. Your brand idea should drive both the external story and the internal story.

While we normally think of marketing as the external with logos, packaging, sales materials and communication, you should also think of the internal branding with a culture filled with values, innovation and service behaviors.

The brand idea should steer everyone who works behind the scenes of the brand. Brand leaders must manage the consistent delivery of the brand idea over every consumer touchpoint.

Whether people are in management, customer service, sales, HR, operations, or an outside agency, everyone should be looking to the brand idea to guide and focus their decisions.

There are five main touchpoints that reach consumers, including the brand promise, brand story, innovation, purchase moment, and consumer experiences.

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