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How To Analyze Your Brand Performance

Credit form book Beloved Brands

Analyze your brand performance to build a deep-dive assessment that sets up your brand plan.

Dig in on 5 specific sections: marketplace, consumers, channels, competitors and brand.

1. Marketplace

Macro view category, including economic indicators, consumer behavior, technology changes, shopper trends, and political regulations.

2. Consumers

Understand consumer’s underlying beliefs, buying habits, growth trends, and critical insights.

3. Channels

Performance of distribution channels and performance of every major retailer. Understand their strategies, available tools and programs.

4. Competitors

Dissect closest competitors by looking at their performance indicators, brand positioning, innovation pipeline, pricing strategies, distribution and consumer’s perceptions.

5. Brand

Analyze through the lens of consumers, customers, competitors, and employees. Use brand funnel data, market research, tracking results, pricing analysis, distribution gaps, and financial analysis.

Summarize with what's driving and inhibiting growth, then opportunities and threats

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