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Hologram In The Center Of Our Daily Lives

Credit by Jaewoo Jung.

What is a Hologram?

Holographic technology was selected as one of the ten central ICT by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in Korea, and it is no longer a technology we vaguely imagine in scenes of the future. We are becoming a lot more familiar with it these days. Recently, the Korean government also announced that the ICT Strategy committee confirmed a hologram industry strategy which was given a budget of 2.4 billion dollars over the next seven years (2014-2020).

The principles of holograms

The origin of the word hologram is a combination of the Greek words ‘holo (meaning the whole or complete)’ and ‘gram (meaning message or information)’. Therefore, ‘hologram’ basically means ‘whole information’ or ‘complete message’. As the word describes, it is a way to show a three dimensional shape of an object, and which allows us to see the complete form of the object regardless of the angle.

The principle of holograms(Source: Naver encyclopedia)

Holograms in bills and credit cards

Bills and credit cards we use everyday have some top-notch science concentrated on them to prevent counterfeiting, and the most common form are reflective holograms.

Credit cards have silver stickers on their backs with three dimensional patterns, and these also change in shape and color. Such holograms sometimes make video-like effects by producing special changes such as rainbow-like colors based on the angle between the sticker and the viewer’s eye.

A storage medium using holograms

Holographic storage mediums use the method of saving information on the top of a sugar-cube-sized crystal with optical instruments, instead of usual magnetism. Holograms enable us to see the entire image of the object even on the smallest medium as if we’re looking through a window, because it records the flat figure into a dot. It is also unbeatably fast in storage capacity and search speed compared to the ones using magnetism as it uses lasers.

The center of a new generation in the smart device market

Even just a few years ago, cell phones were only used for texts and calls. Since smart phones made search, transmission and editing possible using data systems, our lives have transformed dramatically. With the hologram function added to them, many are expecting another shift in generation for smart devices. The major IT companies anticipate that holograms will help wearable devices to overcome their display limits. Video calls, three dimensional data transmission, and individually suited interfaces will become possible in the next generation of smart phones.

Opening a new epoch in diagnosis process

Holograms revolve around a technology which controls the intensity and direction of light. Right now, the technology which shows objects behind walls by controlling the light scattering by using holograms is under way. This news excites the medical field with the possibility of innovation, as they cannot confirm cancer cells with the current endoscopic techniques. Until now, they’ve had to get samples of possible cancer cells and pass themon to the pathology department in order to see if it is actually cancer or not. Such a time consuming procedure can change dramatically if one can see the cancer cells without making an incision. This is one of the reasons more studies on holograms are desperately needed in the field.

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