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Discover And Fix Your Brand Problems

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Credit from book Beloved Brands

While the brand funnel analysis usually looks at how well you move consumers from one stage to the next, the leaky bucket helps to explain why consumers fall out of the purchase journey.

I have taken the four stages of the brand love curve and created eight total stages of the consumer purchase journey, looking at: unaware, noticed, interested, bought, satisfied, repeater, fan, and outspoken.

For each stage, map out how the consumer sees the brand and the most significant reason consumers reject the brand. Once you find the leak on your brand, you can build strategies to help close those leaks. Too many marketers are not taking the time to dig in on the analytics. There is no value in having access to data if you are not using it.

You should do a deep-dive business review at least once a year on your brand. Otherwise, you are negligent of the brand, where you are investing all your resources. Dig in on the five specific sections—marketplace, consumers, channels, competitors and the brand—to draw out conclusions to help set up your brand’s key issues, which you answer in the brand plan.

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