Build Your Brand Positioning Statement

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Credit from book Beloved Brands

A simple one-pager to keep handy on your desk so you can easily reference the definitions as you build your Brand Positioning Statement.

We need to see more advertising that sticks to move consumers.

1. Continue to build your brand idea: Build your creative idea over time, across various media, over many products, to different targets, and through various stories, each time adding to the idea.

2. Emotionally transform your brand: As you move from functional to an emotional brand, from logic to passion, the advertising will stick in the hearts of your consumers.

3. Build a deeper love with those who already love you. Tell elaborate stories that showcase why your consumers who already love you, should love you even more.

4. Invest behind your brand assets adds up: Build creative and brand assets, using new executions to always add a penny to your brand to the branding idea.

The best sticky ads are a combination of new, relevant, credible and different and learn how to use the ABC's as a tool for judging creative advertising, believing the best ads:

• Break through the clutter (Attention)

• Link closely to the brand name (Brand Link)

• Communicate the main message (Communication)

• Trigger the desired response (Stickiness)

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