Why Every Business Needs Digital Marketing

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Credit from Chris Churlinov

A lot of experimenting goes on behind the scenes of a digital marketing strategy, and the results can vary, but there is one thing for sure — a little bit of digital magic, can go a long way.

So why do business need digital marketing? Is it superior to traditional marketing?

The list of benefits is long and in this article, I have presented the highlights of digital marketing, why it is taking over the game, and why every business has something to gain from it.

1. Information Consumption

In a report about Internet Trends done by Klein Perkins, it was revealed that adults now spend an average of 5.9 hours on digital media daily, compared to 2.7 hours, in the year 2009. The report also shows that the average consumer uses more than one device to access digital media.

This indicates that there is a lot of potential for brands to find a place and a cause to market online. People are looking for all kinds of information on digital platforms.

Social Proof

Social proof is a common bias when it comes to someone using a service or buying a product for the first time. When there is evidence of a product working for someone, potential customers are more likely to buy the product themselves.

Reviews, comments, testimonials, photos, and videos — all have major impact on the perceived value of a product or a brand. Users do their research online and look for all the available information they can before they make a purchase.

Brand Reputation

When your brand has a good reputation online, people are more likely to join, try your product, read your blog, watch your videos and so on.

A good reputation can regularly drive in new customers, even without paid advertisements. The word of mouth can spread fast on the internet, and devoted followers will promote your brand without you even asking them.

Long-lasting Content

When companies advertise on TV or in printed media, the ads will be displayed only for a limited amount of time. This is true for paid promotions online as well, but the content itself actually stays on the website, the social profile, or any other platform you were using after the paid period is over. This means that a certain number of people will find it even after the campaign is over.

2. Selective Targeting

Selective targeting is one of the greatest benefits of digital marketing. The large user base can be used to place ads in front of custom audiences that fit your specific needs.

Audience Properties

An Informatics student who’s single doesn’t need baby wipes, and a baby doesn’t need a coding book. And all of this is OK because if you’re selling a coding book, you can precisely tailor your audience and show your ad to those students. And if you’re selling baby products, of course, you’d go for the mom.


When you’re not actively displaying advertisements in front of people, there is another tool that you can use for attracting the right audience in the long-run, and that is Search Engine Optimization.

This means optimizing the content you produce for Search Engines like Google, so when people are doing a direct search for something they need, the chances of your content showing up are higher. Many companies hire experts to do this part for them.

Wait, how did you find this article?

Multi-Platform Options

Different people use different digital platforms, so if you know where your audience hangs out, you can use it to your advantage.

You can also be present on multiple platforms so people who are using one or the other, can find you on their preferred channel. Since a product can appeal to more than a single group of people, companies usually choose to make their content available on more than one platform.

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