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Automating aspects of your digital marketing efforts can save time and money while improving the functionality of your business.

91% of marketing automation users have said that it’s “very important” to the overall success of their online marketing activities.

Increasing efficiency is one of the key goals in any successful business, and automating processes can help business owners to perform functions both quicker, and more effectively.

Social media posting, PPC campaigns, emails, landing page content, and lead generation services can all be enhanced by the process of digital marketing automation.

1. What is Automation in the Digital Marketing Industry?

Automation is the process of using different tools, services, and software to automate repetitive, complicated, or time-consuming activities.

In digital marketing, automation gives businesses more time to grow and operationalize communications so that companies can take care of themselves without the need for constant attention.

2. How Can Your Business Benefit From Digital Marketing Automation?

Your business can become more productive, improve campaign management, increase marketing ROI, measure performance more accurately, and generate more leads by automating some of its digital marketing processes.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • Over 50% of marketers believe that the marketing tech industry is evolving faster than the speed that their companies use marketing technology.

  • 63% of companies that are successful in marketing automation plan to increase their marketing budget.

  • 33% of businesses have already implemented marketing automation into their businesses.

  • Marketing automation drives up to 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in overall marketing overheads.

  • 67% of marketing leaders currently use some form of marketing automation platform.

3. Digital Marketing Automation Has No Loopholes

When your business decides to manage and run your marketing campaigns using a clearly defined process, you’ll never overlook anything.

You can now receive instant performance reporting and analytics that will help to improve your marketing decisions.

Lead nurturing opportunities will be streamlined, and teams will be able to improve the potential of all marketing campaigns.

In addition to all the improved automated performance optimization and reporting, split testing can help to reduce unwanted decision making efforts.

4. Your Business Can Increase Revenue Opportunities

By automating processes such as up-sells, cross-sells, personalized reminders, appointments, and follow-ups, you can develop a new level of trust with your client base.

All of your prospects and customers will receive a level of attention and care that is unrivaled by competitors as automation creates a more personalized connection between your brand and customers.

By combining automation with convincing, attractive lead generation strategies and lead magnets, your business will increase opportunities to make additional revenue out of marketing investments.

5. You Can Reduce Staffing Costs

You no longer need to hire more employees to execute planned strategies for each marketing department. A small team of digital marketing experts can set up all processes and guide your marketing department.

However, it’s worth investing in a professional digital automation strategy and the software and training needed to execute the plan in-house.

Once functions have been automated, your marketing processes will be set for the weeks and months ahead. Now, your core team can focus on in-house creativity and potential new projects.

6. What Processes Can be Automated?

Everything from sending follow up emails, to upselling products and answering customer support calls can be automated these days.

Here are some functions most businesses use automation for:

  • Publishing social media posts

  • Sending out emails via targeted campaigns

  • Website widget content

  • Disseminating bulk SMS and phone calls

  • Online advertising placements

  • Data management

  • Data analysis.

If you invest just $1000 in a solid marketing automation strategy, you are almost certain to make at least triple this amount back in profits over time.

Make a list of the processes that your business could automate and estimate how much time this will save your team.

Get a quote on the cost of automating these processes, and compare this to the value of the time you currently spend doing these tasks manually. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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