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Who is the investing in AI?

Between 2018 and 2019, the artificial intelligence market is expected to grow by 154 percent, reaching a $14.7 billion market size. While some of this growth is being driven by companies like Amazon that have put a lot of resources behind this technology, much of the growth is coming from startups.

According to index.co, as of yesterday, there are some clear leaders in the artificial intelligence investment sector. Intel Capital has invested in 51 AI ventures, while 500 Startups has put their money behind 45 investments. Other notable investment firms, like Y Combinator, have backed 32 AI centered startups. These companies are working on software that deals with natural language processing, machine learning, speech recognition, and deep learning, all developments encompassed by artificial intelligence.

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The company with the most AI Patents

IPlytics, a German market intelligence company, reveals in a recent report entitled 'Who is patenting AI technology?', the companies leading the way in AI research - at least in terms of volume. The forerunner in terms of AI-related patents is Microsoft, which owns 18,365 as of January 2019. Another U.S. company, IBM is in second place with 15,046 and the South Korean Samsung is in third with 11,243.

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