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What Is An Omni-Channel Retail Strategy Of “In-Store” Shopping?

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What is an Omni-Channel Retail Strategy?

An omni-channel retail strategy is an approach to sales and marketing that provides customers with a fully-integrated shopping experience by uniting user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-browsing and everything in between.

Omni-channel retail focuses on every customer interaction and their overall experience of your product and brand.

Pressing questions surround a truly omni-channel retail strategy:

  • Can your customers browse a product in-store, scan it with your app, and then add it to their bag to purchase later at home in a different size?

  • Can they browse your online store for new styles, explore those outfits on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, and then get an in-store coupon to redeem?

  • Does your data connect in-store purchases so that loyal customers get notified via Messen when similar similiar styles are released online or off?

They should be able to do all those things and more.

To illustrate, let’s start with an example everyone can relate to …

Disney's app is one of the best examples of a full-fledged omni-channel experience.

Disney’s various customer touchpoints are so interconnected that the user experience never ends.

You don’t buy a ticket online, show up at the park, and take a gamble on lining up anymore.

Now, you buy a ticket, download the app, scan your Fastpasses, check ride times, and explore customized content before even setting foot in the park.

Once you're at the park, you can locate Disney characters on a live, interactive map.

You can get your picture taken at the store, have it show up on your app, and purchase when you get home.

The entire experience is a never-ending sensory overload of the Disney brand that contains one critical factor: Consistent, seamless integration.

Everything carries over to the next platform and connects to the last. And Disney isn’t the only company creating an omni-channel empire:

Grainger is starting to build on their omni-channel efforts using their mobile application that allows customers to browse available products at the closest branch location to them.

When you sign into your account online and make a purchase or adjust your cart, those changes reflect in the mobile app too:

This leads to a seamless experience where your content and actions transfer from platform to platform. No matter how or where a customer interacts, the shopping experience is the same.

In fact, that is the fundamental difference between an omni-channel vs multi-channel strategy:

The big idea is that in omni-channel, every customer interaction changes their overall experience of your product and brand.

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The Transformation Of Marketing

This whitepaper explores several key digital themes despite the diversity in the group across industry, organisation size and even between B2B and B2C, many of the issues and solutions were remarkably consistent.

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