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Updated: May 22, 2019

Credit from Q&Me

Vietnam’s retail store landscape is rapidly changing, with the big rise and of modern trade stores, and the aggressive M&A from the giant groups

This report was made to summarize the trend by product category, by knowing the store numbers of the major players. (the report was made in April 2019)

4 Key Retail Trend:

The modern trade increase more outstanding in second cities

Vingroup leads modern trade increase, with dominant share in department, CVS and supermarket

Despite of the strong MT increase, the competitions are getting more severe. Several M&A as well as exit from the market

CVS are on the increase, but some might be behind from their original plan

Modern trade store list (2019, May)

1. Supermarket

Number of supermarket has increased by 16% in comparison with 2018, due to the increase in sub-areas.

2. Convenient store

Number of convenient store has increased by 62% driven by Vinmart+

3. Department store

Number of department store has increased by 23% driven by the increase in subareas.

4. Mini store

Mini store increase has slowed down despite of quick in crease in 2017 and 2018

5. Drug store

Number of drug store has increased by 45% thanks to Mediacare and Pharmacity

6. Electric chain

Number of electric chain has increased by 8%.The increase of Dien May Xanh because Tran Anh was integrated into Dien May Xanh

7. Fashion apparel chain:

Number of fashion apparel chain has increased by 10% thanks to the increase in suburb area

8. Coffee chain store

Number of coffee chain store has increased by 48% thanks to the increase in HCM City

9. Milk tea chain store

Number of milk tea chain store has increased by 10% thanks to the increase in HCM City

10. Food chain store

Number of food chain store has increased by 13% in comparison with 2018

11. Fitness gym

Number of fitness gym has increased by 23% thanks to California fitness’s increase

12. Movie theatres

Number of movie theatres has increased by 24% thanks to the increase of CGV and Lotte Cinema

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