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The Six Stages Of Digital Transformation - Where's your business at?

The Six Stages Of Digital Transformation:

🍀 Stage 1: Business as usual

The status quo. Businesses continue to operate in the way they always have, with no insights into their customer’s perspective or desires. A prime example of this is Blockbuster and Netflix. Blockbuster refused to make the switch to an “as-a-service” model, even as the popularity of Netflix became apparent, and eventually pushed the organization into obsolescence.

🍀 Stage 2: Present and Active

In stage 2, businesses have recognized the need for transformation and may even be experimenting with different technologies to bring themselves further along the path. But the efforts are not organized and different departments are approaching the problem in a myriad of different ways. Unless a business can find a way to move from the chaos to a more organized approach, the efforts to transform will most likely fall flat.

🍀 Stage 3: Formalized

Once a business moves to the formalized stage, you start to see intentional experimentation of new technologies, with key visionaries and change agents within the business seeking executive buy in. It’s at this stage that businesses are most likely to run into roadblocks put up by company culture. For a company to move beyond this, they must make changes to the company culture to be successful.

🍀 Stage 4: Strategic

Once a business has reached strategic, they have managed to wade through the roadblocks of entrenched work culture and executive buy-in and have moved towards creating a strategic roadmap. Individual groups and departments have recognized the power and strength in digital collaboration and are moving towards investments in technologies that will transform the business.

🍀 Stage 5: Converged

The general definition of converged is a pair of lines that meet at a point. Businesses who have made it to the converged step of digital transformation have developed a specific, targeted team of innovators to guide the business down a strategic path towards transformation. These businesses have overcome the cultural roadblocks traditionally seen when business embark on the journey towards transformation and are well on their way to success.

🍀 Stage 6: Innovative and Adaptive

Businesses who have made it to this stage have achieved true digital transformation. It’s become a way of life and organizations are well placed to continue to pursue new technological paths and adapt to the ever-changing business world with ease.

Now tell us, which stage your business is at right now? And are you thinking of reaching a higher stage???

By AisnetOrg

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