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The Next Wave of E-commerce: E-commerce Enabler

If you are the real online shopper, you are probably a part of 32% Indonesian e-commerce consumer and have bought just about everything on online marketplace –whether it’s your daily favorite cereal, your morning skincare routine or even your brand new smartphone. Online shopping makes everything in our lives to feel like Charlie Puth’s song: One Click Away.

Online marketplace has been grabbing tons of consumer and drawing brands –big brands to grab a share market in online marketplace. That’s why we can find brands’ official stores scattered around marketplaces. However, it’s not an easy case for brands to run store in online marketplace.

Just like readers trying to crack A Study in Scarlet case, brands are trying to decipher how e-commerce works: starting from day-to-day store update to understand what consumer wants. Like every other obscure case, brands could ask for help from expert to solve this case. Sadly, Sherlock Holmes ain’t exist for this e-commerce case, but e-commerce enabler does exist to give brands a complete solution.

E-commerce enabler is the mastermind to solve e-commerce case for brands. E-commerce enabler provides an end-to-end solution that helps brands with digital strategy and e-commerce operation to enhance their online presences and selling. This solution includes official online store management, creative content, digital marketing, warehousing and fulfillment service and customer relation management.

For those who couldn’t find a key difference between e-commerce platform and e-commerce enabler. This one can sum up:

How e-commerce enabler will crack this –e-commerce case?

1. Think & Work with E-commerce Logic

Operating a brand in offline market is quite different from online market. That’s why e-commerce enabler provides brand an experienced e-commerce team that proficient to work with e-commerce logic. By keeping up with the e-commerce logic, brand can use every platform’s feature to approach their consumers and find a perfect way to fit in with e-commerce model business.

Sample case: each platform has its own rules and requirement. E-commerce enabler will prepare brand for any condition such as treating the Cash-on-Delivery method differs when handling usual shipping method or adjusting the operation when marketplace is updating new feature.

2. Defining The Digital Customer

In order to sell, you need to know who your target market is; it’s basic business law. By reaching e-commerce, brand get bigger chance to gain insight about their customers. E-commerce enabler will help brand to execute the ideal digital marketing strategy to their targeted customers. Brand will no longer get lost to decide when is the best time and what kind of promotion that will grab consumers’ attention.

Sample case: brands could find the prime time to launch flash sale and increasing brands’ conversion rate.

3. See in A Bigger Picture

To find the perfect match business strategy, brands must be able to determine their aim in e-commerce. Whether it’s only to establish online presence or serious expansion in e-commerce, e-commerce enabler helps brand to set eyes on their target. By helping brand to see in a bigger picture, e-commerce enabler fosters brand mastering the basic aspects to lay a base for future brand’s growth.

Sample case: optimizing fulfillment center to deliver the order in time or ease shopping experience by user-friendly homepage design.


E-commerce enabler will assist brand to make every component works in sync. It handles brands’ official stores: display informative content, deliver interesting promotion while controlling the stock and pricing, as well as managing all platforms to fulfill the order and cooperative customer service for satisfying you as an online consumer.

Behind every promotion and campaign you love on marketplace, there is an e-commerce enabler works for bargaining brands’ offer to marketplace. It is also the reason behind fast response customer service and safe packaging order at your door.

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