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Industry benchmarks across the most important social media metrics.

By RivalIQ


The success of the media society has developed as to receive comments or click on the profile of users: it is about the participation increase of the percentage of development or maintenance of customers when developing objects that customer.

Purpose we focused on this study is the participation rate instead of "measure virtual" as measuring the number of followers because we know these social marketers want to know how in relation to their for opponents. Why? Because the benchmark is relative.

We jump deep into all the main industries with tons of different social media stats and include a wide diversity of businesses in each industry to make sure you’re relating your accomplishment to true median performance.

Able to compare your social media performance live? Check out our Explore landscapes, where we feature live social media metrics from a sample of companies from each industry represented in this study, like hashtag performance, top post types, and so much more on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Oppositely, go a free Head-to-Head report facing your main opponent, where you can see how you contain up to both your opponent and facing industry benchmarks described in this research.

(Oh, and if you're a Rival IQ client or in a trial, you can jump those stats right into your Rival IQ account for even more observations.)


We’re firm believers in the power of engagement rate per post because it controls for post volume and audience size, and because this metric is relied on across the marketing world as the one to beat.

With that core metric in mind, we measured how each industry’s engagement rate stacked up against posting frequency, post media types, hashtags, and so much more for a true sense of social performance.

Here are a few of the most important social metrics covered in this study:

• Posts per day

• Posts per week

• Engagement rate

• Top hashtags by engagement rate on Instagram and Twitter

In addition to our social media industry breakdowns, we also compare all the industries together so you can see how things shake out across the board. If you’re having a tough time on Facebook this year, use these all-industry graphs to see if other industries are feeling the burn too (spoilers: they are). 

Quick note: the truest measure of your social content’s resonance would be engagement divided by unique reach (the count of unique people who saw your content) or impressions (the number of times your content was displayed). Unfortunately, due to the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter API restrictions, we aren’t able to include this particular stat.

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