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I. Evolving Needs Of The Consumer

In Asia, over the last decade or so, consumer trends and focuses have shifted

to reflect the following three needs around health and safety, convenience,

and happiness.

1.1 Health & Safety

Asian consumers are becoming more cautious of their purchasing choices in terms of their health benefits and their role in either circumventing diseases or in supporting current health conditions. This is related to their place of living, whether they affect environmental sustainability, pollution, and the planet’s wellbeing amidst the issues and climate changes that are occurring at an alarming rate.

For instance, the fragmented region of Asia, due to the differences in geography, demographics, culture, landscape, and environmental

resources, top tier or urban cities versus lower tier or rural cities are usually at different stages of development in terms of their concerns, mindset, and way of living.

1.2 Convenience

Consumers are increasingly strapped for time and patience, especially younger people, thus demanding for easy-to-use, purposeful products and packaging that can accommodate their needs, as well as channels that give them the fastest and easiest access to these products.

Additionally, they gradually become accustomed to pay more for convenient options tht simplify their lives. The question all businesses should answer is how they can help their customers save time to enjoy life more and live a better life. We found among growing brands that they always find ways to offer consumers greater convenience. As a result, they can win consumers’ hearts and sustain a healthy growth regardless of whether the market is on an upward or downward trend.

1.3 Happiness

Often time, shopping is about satisfaction and instant gratification, thus, consumers are looking for a “feel-good” mentality when they consciously choose one brand over the other. Furthermore, the ‘one fit for all’ concept of mass production is transitioning into one fit

for one of personalization. Brands need to cater to the varying needs that arise for

different occasions and purposes and give influencers acompelling reason to choose their products over their competitor’s. This can be a specific packaging that goes well with a special occasion they have in mind or special information associated with the product that would encourage influencers to share it with their network of friends and family, potentially immortalizing the product on social media.

II. Evolving The Shopping Experience

Shopping has evolved over the last decade to go beyond just functional

buying experiences to something more meaningful and engaging.

This is partly due to the surge of distribution channels, both online and offline, as well as a

more conscious and demanding consumer, as previously mentioned. Therefore, we also see more retailers and manufacturers working together to create new, exciting, and unique experiences for consumers. Continue to read

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