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How To Market Effectively To Gen Z ?

Credit from Matt Kleinschmit

Just when many companies are finally starting to understand millennials, a new generation is starting to emerge. Generation Z—people who were born from 1995 onwards—is making its presence known as people from this generation are starting to enter the workforce and earning their own income.

1.Their media consumption habits differ from previous generations—even millennials.

In 2015, Vision Critical conducted an exclusive study that exposes the changing media consumption habits of younger consumers. While Gen Z follows millennials closely, these two generations are not entirely identical when it comes to the social media networks they visit, the devices they use and how much TV content they consume.

2. They prefer cool products over cool experiences.

Many studies have suggested that millennials are looking for great experiences, not great products. But the same is not necessarily true for Gen Z. This infographic from Deep Focus shows that Gen Z’s expectations from the brands they buy from differ from what millennials are looking for.

3. Entrepreneurial and tech-savvy are two Generation Z characteristics.

What makes the Gen Z employee tick? The infographic below, produced by NextGeneration Recruitment, outlines the differences between Gen Z, Gen Y and Gen X, and highlights why employers should continue to build their understanding of each group.

4. They respond to edgy campaigns.

Traditional marketing doesn’t work for Gen Z. Marketers need to embrace technology and new ways of storytelling. According to an infographic from Upfront Analytics, Gen Z customers respond to edgy and visual marketing tactics. Videos—especially short ones like those created via the social network Vine—work particularly well with young customers.

5. They want to co-create culture—and they do.

The study revealed that 80 percent of Gen Z say finding themselves creatively is important. Over 25 percent post original video on a weekly basis, while 65 percent enjoy creating and sharing content on social media.

You may already have Gen Zers in your workplace – but if you don’t, you will soon.

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