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1. Absent:

Personalization is not yet present across your digital properties. This could be because your organization was not sure what was possible technologically or never made personalization a core priority. In fact, less mature companies significantly underestimate the benefits of delivering truly personalized experiences. They’re less aware of the payoff personalization brings in the form of top line revenue and higher marketing ROI.

=> Next step: Every user and different, and should be treated so across channels. Set to move a revenue shift of $800 billion to the 15% of companies that get it right in the next five years, the time is now to get serious about devoting resources in an individualized approach to your customer experience mission critical for your brand.

2. Basic:

A survey of over 7,000 consumers worldwide found 58% of people say it’s absolutely critical or very important for companies to provide a personalized experience. For you, this means personalization should become a strategic investment area. The fact of the matter is, even though you’re investing some energy and resources into personalization, the impact of your output is relatively inefficient. Unless personalization becomes more central to your business, the advantages of a superior customer experience will deteriorate in the face of disjointed, marginally relevant campaigns.

=> Next Step: It’s time to find a suitable champion to take ownership of a dedicated personalization program within the Org. Only then can you move beyond basic experiences with limited segmentation to feel the real impact of personalization. Doing so will make personalization a priority among design and development teams, speeding up workflows and producing higher-yielding results that speak to more than anecdotal stories of small improvements.

3. Advanced

You’ve already established some processes and testing roadmaps to inform your personalization efforts. Nice work! However, truly customer-centric organizations bake personalization into the DNA of all teams, analyzing data across departments and tools in order to define strategies. And remember, speed of implementation is everything when it comes to a successful campaign. Continued this article

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