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E-Commerce Enablers Market Map

The E-Commerce Enablers marketmap gives a quick visual overview of the segment. You will also find a crisp summary of the key numbers and the participants in the segment.

Feed Description: B2B platforms that help retailers, brands or manufacturers operate their businesses online.


It includes companies providing technology-based solutions for helping retailers and brands operate online. These solutions include shopping cart, multi-channel selling, marketing, payment processing, analytics, fraud and risk management software, tools and platform-specific extensions for online shops. It also includes companies which provide ancillary services like shipping, reverse logistics and software solutions for post-purchase services like returns.


Companies which provide website development, consultancy, and hosting services for online shops. Companies which provide services for building or customization of existing or new webshop. It also excludes companies which provide solutions only for B2B e-commerce and large B2B firms like IBM, SAP Hybris, NetSuite etc. whose primary business is not e-commerce enablers

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