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Amazon Introduces Moments Marketing Tool For Mobile Games and Apps

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Credit from Venturebeat

Amazon is launching Amazon Moments, a service that lets you reward customers in more than 100 countries on iOS, Android, FireOS, and other platforms.

With Moments, you don’t need to rely on stale discount offers to drive retention and activity in apps. This new solution makes it easy to offer unique rewards to customers who complete high-value actions that matter the most, such as renewing a subscription. If this sounds a bit like the startup Kiip to you, then you’ll know that rewards for activities is not a new thing.

But Amazon said the Moments tool is a flexible, cross-platform applications programming interface (API) with an intuitive, dedicated console. Amazon Moments is already being used by TikTok, Bravo, Sony Crackle, Sesame Street, Washington Post, Disney Heroes, and more.

Until now, many companies were limited to giving in-app items as rewards or were spending a lot of time figuring out how to source and fulfill physical rewards. With Moments, you can track actions in real time, create targeted campaigns, and reward customers with digital and physical products that are delivered to their doorsteps.

For example, a video streaming service can encourage customers to watch the first five episodes of a new show by rewarding them with an action figure of their favorite character or a pair of headphones.

“With Moments, Amazon is reinventing the way companies approach marketing by letting them turn engagement campaigns into rewarding moments that drive long-term value,” said Amir Kabbara, head of Amazon Moments, in a statement.
“Moments removes complexity for developers by packaging reward programs into a simple, self-service console that lets marketers set up campaigns quickly without worrying about reward sourcing, management, or fulfillment.”

Moments uses a cost-per-action (CPA) pricing model so you only pay when users complete actions that matter to your business. A Moments marketing campaign has three core steps:

  1. You set the action or Moment you want to drive, choose a product or a reward package, and integrate the Moment API.

  2. Users engage and complete the action in your apps and websites.

  3. Amazon distributes a reward URL and fulfills the rewards.

Because Amazon handles the fulfillment, your customers can take advantage of Amazon features like two-day shipping for Prime members, tracking information, and more. The Moments rewards catalog provides access to millions of products including some of Amazon’s most popular items as well as reward packages like plush toys, giving your customers the option to pick the plush they like most.

“We are increasingly seeing marketers dedicate advertising spend to keeping their existing customers engaged,” said Aaron Rubenson, vice president at Amazon, in a statement.
“With Moments, we’ve made it easier for marketers to reward customers for taking meaningful actions, boosting engagement in a cost-effective way.”

Moments gives marketers the flexibility to choose actions that help them achieve their goals. For example, a fitness app may choose a high-value action like completing 30 workouts if they know that most customers who complete 30 workouts continue using the app for six months and spend more than $25 within that period. A streaming video service may choose a high-value action like watching seven episodes of a popular show if most customers who watch seven episodes go on to complete the entire show.

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