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8 Key Facts About Vietnam Digital Marketing Landscape

Credit from Chandler Nguyen

1. After 10 years, Vietnam internet users increased 3 times to about 56 million with 57% penetration

2. Smartphone users in Vietnam is around 50M

The cost of 1GB mobile data in Vietnam is amongst the lowest in the developing economies. This helps to make mobile data accessible to many Vietnamese

3. Vietnam expected school years: 12.7

According to United nation development program, Vietnam literacy rate is at 93.5% and the expected years of schooling is 12.7

4. Facebook dominates social network in Vietnam with 47 millions users (or penetration of about 90% of internet users)

5. Zalo is the most popular mobile messaging in Vietnam

According to local newspaper, Zalo ( a locally developed Mobile messaging app) reached 100M registered user base worldwide with the majority of them are in Vietnam.

Another article suggested that Zalo monthly active users is around 35M.

While we don’t know the exact number since VNG (the company who developed Zalo) doesn’t disclose it.

6. Vietnam total ad spend is still quite small in comparison to other markets

Vietnam ad spend per person is amongst the lowest in Asia, comparable to Indonesia and only higher than India.

7. Vietnam ad market is still heavily dominated by traditional channels, with digital ad spend is only at 20% of total ad spend, well behind countries like China, Australia, Taiwan

Mobile ad spend is expected to be 2/3 of total digital ad spend

8. E-Commerce penetration in Vietnam is still very low (at less than 2%)

Mobile e-commerce is growing very quickly though at around 46% of total e-commerce sales in 2018

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Dung Duc Ho
Dung Duc Ho
Jul 07, 2020

Thank for awesome article As working as digital marketer i have to say Zalo Marketing is a game changer now and its the most easiest way to connect to the local market, with 100 million users and Zalo verification is very strictly so you always make sure that your ad well spend, you can check more about the Zalo Marketing in Vietnam market from our research in : . Aslo Vietnam culture is also difference compare to other culture in South East Asia as out : motorbike culture, food culture and its influence my Western culture since 1860s so make sure you do certain amount of research before run your marketing campaign in Vietnam. Thank for your research and cant wait…

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