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4 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns Of 2019

Credit from Kirsten Pike

In 2019, from big brands to small businesses, all went through different social media campaigns to attract their respective audiences. Some of the campaigns fail to impress while plenty of others proved to be blockbusters.

Here are the top 4 social media marketing campaigns of 2019 that held successfully by social statistics.

1. Coca-Cola – Generation Z

Like always, this year too was a great one for Coca-Cola and its soft drinks. The brand particularly targeted the Generation Z this year because it had been getting a great response from this group. There are more than 1 million people only in the U.S who have been inspired by Generation Z and Coca-cola has made the most of them.

The brand introduced two new products; a tomato juice and a ‘Spirit Lymonade' particularly for Generation Z.  Coca-cola was the first ever brand to target this group as an audience and it should not be taken granted.

2. Lexus ES – Artificial Intelligence

The influence of AI-based products has been great for some recent years and it went higher in 2019. Even technophobia people have started taking interest in this latest technology because of the easiness it offers for a household consumer.

A famous AI company, Lexus came forward with a new concept of AI marketing campaigns that impressed the global social users. The company launched a wonderful ad scripted using artificial intelligence. It’s actually a 60-seconds film that an award-winning director directed but the complete script was by AI. Yes, an alarming situation for you if you are an ad scriptwriter.

3. Amazon – Snapchat

You will always find Amazon a few steps ahead of this world and that is the reason that its owner has become the world’s richest man. The company and its brilliant team have always used new technologies even before they reach to markets for the use of the public.

This year, Amazon brought a buying cycle social integration by joining hands with Snapchat. Since this messaging service is used globally, Amazon has taken this initiative to make use of the millions of users at Snapchat.

While using Snapchat, now you can buy a product straight away from Amazon just by taking a photo of that product. In detail, the call to action button that leads to the buying process automatically appears on the photo. Just by clicking on that pop-up, you will be redirected to that product's page and can buy it. Isn't it amazing?

4. Nestle – WWE

Along with all the big brands, the mineral water leader Nestle also came forward with something new in 2019. Nestle’s Pure Life joined hands with WWE and started a social campaign called ‘Choose Water’.  The campaign was successful as it impressed the public by all means.

In the campaign, a series of social videos are shared both WWE and Nestle social media channels. Moreover, the videos featured some of the biggest names in WWE who are talking about the importance of water. Since WWE is watched by more families, the campaign was warmly praised by people. 

Consequently, you may consider these campaigns as common but their strategies to use the digital channels made them unique and successful. Moreover, they not only impressed their audiences but also raised their brand awareness that will surely result in long-term success!

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