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Service Description

Hologram LED display advertising is an extremely unique and new form of communication, possessing advanced and modern technology, making it easy for businesses' brand images to make a deep impression on consumers. Hologram LED display is a product that has a proper reflection of light that makes the image appear as a three-dimensional object. Viewers who can observe that object from any angle will maintain its original state, except that we cannot touch it. The technology using Hologram also has many types, such as Transmissive Hologram, White Light Reflection Hologram, Multi-channel Hologram, Real Hologram. The LED Hologram advertising campaign is mostly deployed in a large space, so it will catch the viewer's gaze from many different angles and distances. The most special feature here is that no matter where you stand, the advertising image still maintains the original status 100%, unlike other normal screens, making customers have a deep impression and remember longer than the brand image. In some cases, a business's communication project can also go viral for free when viewers take pictures, record clips of advertising screens and upload them to social networking sites. Thus, businesses do not need to spend any more money and can still cover the brand on an extremely large scale. Book a demo to experience more.

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