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The Brand Idea

Credit by Graham Robertson

The brand idea should drive everything you do. In this case, it should push the creative idea, and bring together the creative focus and media planning.

During the creative process, stay open on media choices

At the start of any creative project, it is hard to know the exact media choices because you have not seen the creative work yet. At the creative meeting, ask to see each creative idea presented as a 30-second TV ad, a simple billboard, and a long-copy print ad. With this request, you will be able to see how each idea plays out across almost every possible media type.

The technological era is growing, this is the reason why all companies should invest in technology and catch up with digital transformation

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Retail Marketing And Branding

This book is about format develop-ment, advanced marketing mix modeling, highly granular geo-marketing, digital media, and fact-based promotion management.

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