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Updated: May 11, 2019

Credit from Sarah Feldman

Instagram’s referral traffic has sky-rocketed between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019 as the popular social media site becomes more important for website traffic.

According to recent estimates from Merkle, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, experienced a 114 percent increase in web referrals. Facebook and Pinterest both saw modest year-over-year traffic growth. It was not all good news for social media sites; YouTube’s traffic flatlined, despite posting strong gains in mid-2018, while Twitter’s traffic growth shrunk by 8 percent in Q1 2019. Overall, website visits from social media accounted for over 4 percent of all site traffic and 5 percent of all mobile visits in the first quarter, new highs according to the report.

Instagram has recently made a serious push into the e-commerce and marketing space, by rolling out its tap to shop feature last month. The social network also has experienced a 44 percent increase in advertising investment in Q1 2019.

Overall, Instagram is driving most of the ad investment across all of Facebook’s sites. These developments come on the back of Instagram’s ability to increase in the number of people using the platform, one of the few social networks that have been able to expand usage rates.

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