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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Credit by: Kamereo.

The F&B market in Vietnam has long since been operated very traditionally and includes a lot of manual labor work. Then we have the wave of the 4.0 era making a huge impact on most business sectors, including the food business.


E-wallet can be simply understood as an online service that allows consumers and business to carry out electronic transactions. This can include purchasing items online or using a smartphone to purchase goods at a store, usually by scanning barcode or QR code.

E-wallet providers in Vietnam includes:

  • Zalo Pay: Bill payment, money transfer, credit card payment, mobile phone top up, cash withdrawal, tickets booking, in-store payment using QR code, NFC, Bluetooth …

  • MoMo Wallet: Bill payment, money transfer, credit card payment, mobile phone top up, cash withdrawal, tickets booking, in-store payment using QR code …

  • ViettelPay: Bill payment, money transfer, credit card payment, mobile phone top up, tickets booking,…

  • AirPay: Bill payment, mobile phone top up, payment on (with a lot of discounts using AirPay)

  • Moca Wallet: payment part with GrabSamsung Pay: using MST and UFC, Samsung Pay allows you to link your e-wallet with your bank cards, making payment with one touch from your mobile phone.

Most of restaurants in Vietnam are not accepting payment from e-wallets either with delivery or eat-in. There are also a lot of discounts vouchers when you make payments using e-wallets so keep an eye out for a good deal!


Media includes platforms for restaurant listings along with reviews and event food delivery. These media sites are on their way to become an all-in-one convenient package for young consumers.

  • Foody: Foody is one of the first and biggest food media site. They have thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, cleaning service listed on their site. You can read reviews and proceed to book table or have the food delivered to you right away!

  • Lozi: Lozi has evolved itself into an e-commerce platform that connects sellers and buyers across different categories. They also have thousands of food vendors on their platform, with instant food delivery service.

  • Tripadvisor: An internationally well-known travel booking and restaurant listing website. Just pick a location and you can see a diverse list of restaurants in your area with detailed reviews.

  • Zody: A unique service that allows you to scan your receipt, submit a review to claim your gifts or discounts.

  • 5food: An eco-system of restaurant listing and rewards service within one app.


POS (Point of Purchase) is a specific service for restaurants and not so much for consumer. However, a good POS plays a major roll in a restaurant’s daily management and operation.

There are a lot of POS companies in Vietnam at the moment, each of them got their own uniqueness and strengths. So, if you’re a restaurant owner then check out these companies to see they are best fit for your business:

R Keeper, Speed POS, Ocha, iPOS, Vnyi, Fois Vietnam, PosApp, CUK CUK, Loop, mPos, Bluebytez, KiotViet, BePos, HOTTAB.


Everybody wants a good deal when they go out for a meal or shopping or buying other services in general. Business providers would alway provide deals and discounts to attract customers. So, a platform to connect these 2 groups is greatly useful and we got quite a number of these platforms in Vietnam.

  • Hotdeal: Voucher listing site.

  • Jamja: Voucher listing site.

  • Urboxvn: Voucher and rewards service.

  • Savyu: Voucher and rewards service.

  • Meete : Voucher listing site.

  • Clingme : Voucher and cash back service.iFind: Voucher listing site.

  • The Golden Spoon : Voucher and rewards service for hundreds of restaurants of Golden Gate group.

So next time you go out to eat or shopping, check out these sites to get a good deal!

Food Delivery

Food delivery is one of the biggest segment in Vietnam’s F&B in Vietnam. From small food vendor to big restaurant, almost one of them is on at least one delivery platform. With the convenience of its nature, everyone is fighting for a piece of this growing market.

Consumers are constantly choosing and comparing between service, prices, speed with every single order. So which companies are in this market now? Well, we have:

  • Now

  • Go Food

  • Grab Food

  • Lozi

  • Vietnammm

  • Zalo Food: Currently in Beta phase and will launch soon.

  • MarketOi

  • Fastgo

  • Lixi

  • Helio – Smart Cafe : specialised in coffee delivery

  • Baemin

Fresh Food Supply

Just like the high demand of food delivery, grocery and fresh food delivery in general is also on its rise.

Whether it’s for consumer or for restaurant business, we have quite a growing and diverse eco-system of door-to-door fresh food providers in Vietnam with familiar names like:

  • KameRau: Specialises in farm-to-restaurant fresh vegetable supply. Just in Ho Chi Minh city itself, we have a lot of vegetable suppliers, vendors, supermarkets trying to operate in this highly competitive but still very inefficient market. KameRau is a solution for transparent, affordable and stable vegetable supply with much less middle men in the process of bring only the freshest vegetables from farm to restaurant’s door.

  • Ubofood, Chopp, Farm 2 table, G Kitchen, Hellomam, Greenbag, Now, Foodmap: Grocery delivery.

  • Smart Agri: Vegetable supplier using high tech.

Table Reservation

Going out for a meal but worry that you may not get a good table, or a table at all? We’re seeing a rising number of table booking companies. If you’re not familiar with these services then check one of these guys: Table Now, SHC Food, Reserviet, Wesave, PasGo.


If you’re looking for a job or trying to build a team in the F&B business then Chefjob and Thue Today are your best-friends. Chefjob specialises in Chef job listings just like its name. While Thue Today has a bigger diversity of F&B jobs.


Aiming to eliminate as many manual steps as possible within the the purchasing and sourcing of every food business, Kamereo is on our journey to make great impact on how restaurant businesses and suppliers operate on a daily basis. There are currently not a lot of players within this market, but hopefully, we would see more diversity within this segment.

Membership Service

Membership service apps or websites can be divided into 2 categories. One includes softwares that are for all users, all they have to sign up, pay for the membership package and enjoy the discounts from restaurants, bars and spas within the system. And the names that fall under this type are Wisepass, Sweego, Sip.

The others are quite exclusive to customers of certain restaurant groups such as WMC Prestige is an membership app for restaurants belong to WMC group (Kissho, Cafe Cardinal,..) or Saigon Taste is a membership program and app for restaurants within NISO Group (Runam, Ciao, Nam Bento,…)

Recipe Sharing

If you love to cook and explore new recipes every week then besides social media platforms, you can visit Cooky, Feedy, Kitchen Rock or Facook to discover and try hundreds of recipes across different cuisines.

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